Return with Freedom Non-profit with a heart for Vetrans and their Families

I am grateful to part of the team at Return with Freedom.  As a staff member of this non profit organization I work with a team offering confidential quality mental health treatment to Veterans and their families for reduce cost. I would like to see more families benefiting from the available services. 

   We are not government funded and rely solely on donations.   I hope you would consider being one of our financial supporters by clicking on the donation button below.   In turn, I  can continue to help veterans and their families understand and win the battle with trauma. 

Note: clicking on Donate will redirect you to the official Return with Freedom Website.


For more detailed information about our staff, please visit:

If you or someone you know in the Inland Empire is in need of our services  please contact me toll free at  888.634.6999 ext 16 or email Return with Freedom at



This plaque hangs in a small church in Noyon, France.
Founder Marla Maynard’s father, Louis Lewis,
was one of many not forgotten by the French for his courage.
Neither should our brave men and women today be forgotten by our own. 

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