Many suffering from PTSD and Trauma can feel they suffer alone (attacked by an unseen enemy) that can disrupt relationships, cause mental stress, health issues anxiety and depression. PTSD often isolates, disconnects and blindsides those who suffer from it. PTSD doesn’t stop there it attacks the home front as well, sometimes causing confusion, stress, and discord.

Do you know the “enemy” (PTSD) and do you know the power and capability of your “weapons”?

I use an integrative approach to help families, couples and individuals to understand the nature of the PTSD and it’s long reaching effects. Additionally I aim to help each individual to take inventory of their strengths, and equip each with skills and resources to bring peace and positive connections in the present. Because of private donations, my colleagues at “Return with Freedom” and I are able to provide quality group therapy, along with family therapy and private psychotherapy, at low or no cost for veterans and their families. You need not be a veteran to benefit from these services, and you may qualify for reduced rates. Same day appointments are available so call to make an appointment today.

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